Welcome to Stag  Football Club

This is a short introduction to our club. If you would like more information or come in contact with the relevant person for your request, please send an email to post@stag.no.

First of all, everyone is welcome to join Stag, either for playing football or as a voluntary!

Our vision is: Stag will create community and pride in Stavern and surroundings.

Our values that our activities are based upon are:

  • Proud (Stolt in Norwegian)
  • Trust (Tillit in Norwegian)
  • Everyone (Alle in Norwegian)
  • Fun (Gøy in Norwegian)

In Stag Football we are about 360 members and 40 football teams. To get things going and organized we have a lot of volunteers and a board comprising of 7 people.

The children can start playing at the age of 5. Stag makes sure that the children get organized in a team with the necessary trainer and support roles. We have no paid employees, so the club are of course dependent on parents and others that contribute and take the needed roles. We make sure to inform all kindergartens in Stavern about the first startup beginning of autumn at the last year they attend the kindergarten. You are of course welcome to let your child or youth begin playing at a later stage, just contact us.

Stag Football is organized under Stag Sportsclub. Every active member must contribute with a membership fee to the Sportsclub and a training fee to Stag Football. There is no training fee for children before they are 7 years.

As a parent to a player, you will get invited to parent meetings where you will get more practical information from the manager team.

We hope to see your child or youth at the next training! We play together!

Best regards,
Stag Football